North Eastern Region (NER) is home to some niche crops like Assam lemon, Joha rice, medicinal rice, and passion fruits that have high market demands. It accounts for 45% of total pineapple production in India, and an Agri-Export Zone (AEZ) is already set up in Tripura. Sikkim is the largest producer of large cardamom (54% share) in the world. It is the fourth largest producer of oranges in India. Best quality ginger (low fiber content) is produced in this region, and an AEZ for ginger is established in Sikkim. The extent of chemical consumption in farming is far less than the national average. Approximately 18 lakh ha of land in NER can be classified as “Organic by Default.” There is thin population density per square kilometer (13–340 102compared to 324 at the national level), and mid- and high-altitude farmers are dependent on within farm renewable resources.