Over the past 25 years, there has been a global distribution of wireless communications which has significantly changed the electromagnetic pollution of the external environment and the methodology for assessing health risks for all population groups. In these difficult conditions, many specialists have neglected radiobiological concepts, for example, the concept of a critical organ or critical system, the possibility of accumulating adverse effects, and the determination of residual damage (remote consequences). Almost daily life-long exposure of the RF EMF to the brain has not received attention. In many countries, there is complete disregard for the precautionary principle proposed by WHO. Children for the first time in the entire period of civilization should be included in the risk group. Even before the era of the development of mobile communications, there were significant differences in the guidelines and standards for radio frequency radiation in the radio frequency range. This paper demonstrates the significance of biological responses to the nonthermal low RF EMF. Therefore, scientists should stand firm in this “electromagnetic chaos” in the habitat of the population.