It is only possible to engage with marketing issues by understanding the wider environmental context in which marketing takes place. This chapter aims at setting film marketing within the wider context of the film industry. Although the importance that marketing plays in ensuring a film’s box office success is recognised, understanding of the process is not and very little academic attention has been given to studying the marketing of films. Most recent academic attention has focused on predicting success for films according to various characteristics they possess. Other research has focused upon the role of critics in developing positive or negative word of mouth for a film. Another focus has been upon the industrial structure and its role in film marketing. The marketing of film differs from the marketing of the majority of art forms included in this book in that the majority of film does not receive public funding. Like rock music, those in the film industry can only afford to nurture new talent and take risks by achieving a level of commercial success with others. In saying this, there are some public funds available to support film making and distribution of films both at national and European levels.