This chapter describes the integrative application of individual and family approaches in ameliorating dysfunctional interrelating patterns within families of persons with psychotic symptoms. It presents cultural differences in interpersonal relating and psychotherapy. Synthetiki psychotherapy encompasses many integrative features but it also differs from other approaches to psychotherapy integration in many respects. Synthetiki psychotherapy was initially applied solely to patients and was occasionally combined with family and/or marital therapy. A brief description of the combined intervention is presented to individuals and their families, emphasizing the therapists’ goals and techniques to improve clients’ and their families’ negative interrelating behaviours. If therapists discover that problems occur because clients relate negatively with people outside the family, as is the case in non-versatile clients, these clients become the priority in therapy. Administering the appropriate questionnaire(s) facilitates and/or confirms both therapists’ understanding of their clients’ relating and/or the interrelating difficulties of families.