Synthetiki psychotherapy has paid attention to the incorporation of pharmacological approaches into psychotherapy, thus recognizing that medication can assist at appropriate stages of therapy, particularly in the area of schizophrenic symptoms. New theoretical integrations in psychotherapy may involve movement between the different divisions that have emerged, such as, humanistic–existential, cognitive-behavioural, psychoanalytic, psychodynamic and systemic approaches. Examples of these include cognitive-behavioural gestalt therapy and cognitive analytic therapy. New integrations will need to be formulated in a manner that excludes sexism, ageism, racism and other forms of discrimination. Internal self-awareness on the part of clients involves attention not only to intrapersonal factors but also to interpersonal aspects. Lago and Thompson argued that counsellors need to have an awareness of society and a personal awareness of where they stand in relation to societal issues. An important focus for therapists is not to make assumptions about clients, thus ensuring that they can establish empathy.