One of the sweeping transformations currently reshaping the global distribution chain is online shopping and it is vigorously contending with the traditional mortar-and-brick shopping. This development started in the advanced economies of the world, but with the rapid globalization of world exchange order, even the developing economies are adopting online shopping faster than was anticipated. With the unprecedented growth in the number of portable computers, mobile phones and devices in Africa, the number of people with access to the Internet has correspondingly escalated. Arguably, these precursors are fuelling unimaginable diffusion of online shopping in the continent with a concomitant radical restructuring of Africa’s retailing environment. Indeed, Africa’s retailing environment is forcefully restructuring into the next frontier of growth for Africa and global economy. For a sustainable online retailing in Africa, possible challenges that could scuttle its growth must be identified with a view to putting the potentials of the sector into context. Accordingly, this chapter documents triggers of online shopping in Africa, highlights potentials of online shopping in Africa and examines challenges to online shopping in Africa. The chapter concludes with implications of these assemblages for public policy and management strategy.