These words were written in 1948 by William Gallacher, the British Communist Party Member of Parliament for the West Fife constituency. They make very clear the differences between reformist socialists and Marxists. Today, however, that distinction is increasingly blurred, if not entirely obliterated, not least by the false friends of certain Marxist thinkers, one of them being Antonio Gramsci, a founding member of the Communist Party of Italy, a committed Marxist who

died at the age of forty-six having spent more than nine years in the hands of his Fascist captors. This chapter represents part of an ongoing project aimed at the re-appropriation of Antonio Gramsci (Bairner, 2007). This involves reappropriating Gramsci and his work for Marxism and also from scholars in the sociology of sport and beyond who have consciously or unconsciously used Gramsci’s ideas in ways that have inevitably meant that his own Marxist orientation has become conveniently forgotten.