James Der Derian is Research Professor at the Watson Institute, Brown University. His work spans international theory, international security and media studies. His most recent work, Human Terrain (Der Derian et al., 2009) is an award-­winning­documentary­film­about­ the­US­military’s­shift­ towards­a­strategy of counter-insurgency and cultural awareness in Iraq and Afghanistan. This interview,­ conducted­ shortly­ before­ the­ screening­ of­ Human Terrain at the Frontline­Club­in­London­in­June­2010,­discusses­the­film,­its­relationship­to­his­ earlier work, in particular Virtuous War: Mapping the Media-Industrial-MediaEntertainment Network (Der Derian, 2009a), and what a critical theoretical approach­can­contribute­to­the­study­of­militarism.