Formerly working as an actor, Peter Eckersall is Associate Professor in Theatre Studies at the University of Melbourne and resident dramaturg for the performance company Not Yet It’s Difficult (NYID) which he co-founded with artistic director David Pledger and lighting designer Paul Jackson in 1995. Eckersall has frequently written about NYID, summarising its work as a relationship between arts practice and cultural activism (Eckersall 2010: 202). The company utilises text, corporeality and technology in making performances which are rarely shown in theatres. Another aspect of NYID’s aesthetic and methodological operation is its concern with intercultural collaboration. They have made work with the Japanese company Gekidan Kaitaisha and the Korean company Wuturi. Pledger and Eckersall had originally met through their shared interest in the work of Suzuki Tadashi, which has deeply influenced the work of NYID too. Bree Hadley notes that the company are, however, successful in resisting potential dogmatism by deploying an ‘inflected Suzuki Method’ which provides ‘an intriguing way of disrupting the integrity of this system while enhancing the effects of its discipline, staging it with humour and intelligence’ (Hadley 2007: 117).