This chapter addresses the question of how to manage change in terms of building up capacity to become more holistically economic and social competitiveness for sustainable growth and sustainable human development. In the contexts of new set of assumptions underlying the current economic, social, technological environment, a set of ideas on strategic capabilities for which organizations should strive to build was proposed. New capabilities of Thai organizations and people are identified. A model of holistic management of human resource development, based on the author’s research experiences on Thai public and private management development over two decades, is developed to create new organization capabilities. In this management model, a concept of human resource development and the “link and learn” strategy are presented to promote a continuous learning process. Competitive capabilities of Thai organizations and people will not be sustained if the management of change and that of human resource development lack the guidance of a well-defined and powerful management philosophy.A management philosophy based on the philosophy of sufficiency economy bestowed to the Thai people by King RAMA IX, the present monarch of Thailand, is such a philosophy to achieve a holistic and sustainable development.