This is a book about how to study design history - where to start, what sort of questions to ask and how to answer them. In recent years the possibilities of studying design history have grown enormously. It is now possible to study it at school, in colleges, polytechnics and universities and at levels which range from A level to undergraduate and postgraduate. Design history can be the main subject of a degree course, or it can be part of practical design or humanities courses, yet until now there has been no book which offers guidance to students on how to study it or how to approach the subject. The aim of this book is to provide an introduction to the study of design history which can be used by students in colleges, polytechnics and universities. No matter whether your main subject is a two-or three-dimensional design course, or whether you are studying design history as a main subject, this book will provide a clear introduction to it, and teachers of design history at A level will find that it provides a wealth of information on the topic. Studying is traditionally associated with educational establishments, but being a student is not only a matter of attending courses, it is much more concerned with attitude of mind and a spirit of inquiry. So this book also aims to help to make the study of design history more accessible to those with an interest in the subject, whether or not they are involved in formal education.