This chapter attempts to both describe, and analyse, youth work management in the current context of integrated services. It draws on some recent research carried out for De Montfort University (DMU) by the authors (Davies and Merton, 2009a; 2009b; 2010; Davies 2010) as well as lessons learnt from a series of leadership and management development programmes for the youth sector, commissioned by the Children’s Workforce Development Council, delivered by Ford Management Partnership. This included the Leadership Enhancement Programme (LEP) and the Leadership Development Programme (LDP) 2009-10. Together these programmes reached over 500 strategic and aspiring leaders in both the local authority and voluntary and community sectors working in the context of integrated services. This chapter does not claim to be definitive but attempts to offer some preliminary findings to ‘shed a light upon’ a complex, uncertain and ever changing managerial situation, which existed before the major cuts in public spending were implemented in 2010 and beyond.