I think that energy and sustainability is a crucial issue today for all of us. But it would be a great mistake thinking that it was an end in itself. It can only be part of a total picture which links a whole range of issues: urbanism, planning, the function of a building, what it actually looks like, and what it's actually like to use, and how people respond to the buildings. The crucial issue that we all face is trying to get that balance and the priorities right. It's quite fascinating when you look back at the United Kingdom since the Second World War. First there was a sort of active rehabilitation. We were obsessed with planning, and everything that went with it in a rather cold, mechanical way. Then as a complete opposite to that we became fascinated by style, and there was a battle of modernism versus postmodernism. I believe now that we're actually getting back to a more balanced overview. Which is very healthy. And I think architecture in the UK at the moment is in a very strong form.