I grew up listening to various types of pop music. It all began with a brass band I belonged to when I entered junior high school in 1965, and I was assigned to play percussion. One of the trombone players was the son of a medical doctor, and had taken lessons in English, since he was an elementary-school student and used to listen to FEN. 1 He taught me a lot about pop music, and he and I formed a band with another classmate, and fooled around with playing music. Th at was about the time when my classmates would open their notebooks during a break from class and show each other the lyrics of songs by Th e Beatles. Th ey borrowed from and lent their singles to each other, but, being a bit diff erent from the norm, I devoted myself to the Beach Boys. I was basically interested in chorus groups, including the Four Seasons. It’s not that I didn’t listen to Th e Beatles. It was part of the basic education for our generation, and I can still sing all their songs from their fi rst single to Help! , but I didn’t have any of their records.