Most proponents of experiential approaches to marketing use the distribution sector to make their point, despite the important role that a product, because of its intrinsic and symbolic aspects, is likely to play in offering consumers a real consumption experience. The present chapter starts with a product category that we consider particularly emblematic in the experiential domain: clothing and fashion wear. We will be focusing more specifically on the “A-POC” (A Piece of Cloth) brand developed by the designer Issey Miyake. There is something unique about A-POC, specifically its way of developing relationships with its customers. The brand’s discourse is very sophisticated and redolent with extremely intellectual tones. At the same time, it is not accessible to each and every one, possessing a rich image but only within a small and very well-defined group. Not everyone is familiar with A-POC. Issey Miyake created this new brand with the sole idea in mind of transforming his buyers into fashion designers. It constitutes a very original collection based on a simple principle: the different items of clothing are woven so that they can be cut without the fabric fraying.