What is the first tourist destination in Canada? Niagara Falls? No longer! Today, the number one tourist destination in Canada is the largest and most amazing shopping center in the world, West Edmonton Mall, in the Province of Alberta, which attracts 22 million visitors a year, has more than 800 boutiques, eleven department stores and variety stores, one supermarket, two car dealerships, a Multiplex movie theater with thirty-two screens, etc. . . . mixed with the largest indoor amusement park, a professional skating rink, an artificial tropical beach, underwater submarine experience, an artificial lagoon (with sealions, sharks, alligators, penguins, and 200 species of fish), an eighteen-hole miniature golf course, a casino, a replica of Bourbon Street (New Orleans), as well as a replica of Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria, a wide variety of hotels (the Fantasyland Hotel features numerous theme rooms), a chapel, 132 restaurants, many souvenir shops, sixteen doctors, a coin and stamps editor, etc.