After having read in the 11 January number of Tygodnik Powszechny the article by Jan Blonski entitled ‘The Poor Poles look at the Ghetto’, I had the experience of being faced simultaneously with two contradictory feelings. The first was a sense of relief and satisfaction: at least someone had expressed the thoughts which for a long time had been troubling me as well; at last someone had called a spade a spade and had done what should have been done ages ago and had not got entangled in what is typical for Polish journalism on the subject, the painstaking building-up of defensive walls which obstruct the view of the problem itself. The second feeling was less heartening. It was easy to imagine that Blonski’s article would be attacked by his adversaries from various sides. It was easy to foresee what arguments they would use, and how they would strive to prove that we Poles are beyond reproach, and if anybody saw as much as the slightest blemish, such a person could only be our mortal enemy.