Cruising has become an important part of the global tourist industry. As a specialised sub-market, it possesses very distinctive characteristics with specific geographical dimensions (Table 6.1). This chapter appraises the nature, development and impacts of ocean cruising, essentially the last two categories of the typology. It begins by outlining the industry’s growth as a global tourism phenomenon. The chequered history of ocean cruising is described, culminating in its recent regeneration and spectacular growth. The chapter goes on to examine the products and markets that are behind this regeneration. The structure of the ocean cruise industry is examined in detail, and the industry as a whole is situated in the wider process of globalisation. While it is an ocean-based phenomenon, ocean cruise tourism has significant onshore impacts. The nature and scope of these impacts are presented and assessed. The chapter concludes by

evaluating the prospects for ocean cruising in the early years of the twenty-first century.