This chapter provides the replication- based nature of the scientific quest, in which far-flung researchers test old findings and add new ones in the cooperative development of insight. Right- wing authoritarians displayed the predictable double standard in sentencing a homosexual instigator versus an antihomosexual one in the attack over gay rights. In the Posse and Trials situations established authority sanctioned punishment and that means a lot more to authoritarians than it does to social dominators. As measured by the Right- Wing Authoritarianism (RWA) scale, right-wing authoritarians believe strongly in submission to established authorities and the social norms these authorities endorse. Adult authoritarians tend to be highly ethnocentric and heavy users of the "consensual validation pill". Authoritarians harbor many double standards and hypocrisies—seemingly without realizing it—which lead them to "speak out of both sides of their mouths" from one situation to another. High RWAs tend to hold "conservative" economic attitudes, and they tend to be concentrated on the political "right."