Ayurveda, a system of healing from India,1 has gained popularity in recent years in the West as a holistic approach to health and well-being because it claims to address the body, mind and soul. Deepak Chopra,2 David Frawley,3 Vasant Lad4 and Robert Svoboda5 are prominent among those who have written books describing the basic principles of Ayurveda for a non-medical Western audience and presented it in a spiritualised form to the West (Wujastyk and Smith, 2008: 18). According to Warrier (2009: 1–2), Ayurveda in the UK has become part of the holistic health milieu, where practitioners trained in a range of complementary and alternative medical (CAM)6 traditions offer healing and treatments that are deemed to be holistic, i.e. address the mind, body and spirit of their clients.