This chapter describes a journey that engages with embodied encounters across time and space in relation to a range of critical perspectives on embodiment and embodied knowledge. It focuses on the author’s reflections on embodying a foreign culture and critically evaluates a range of methods, such as ethnography, theatre anthropology, and psychophysical approaches to performer training that all offer useful advice on processes of embodiment. Disenchantment explores through notions of commensurability in embodied research and theories to articulate the different constitutions of embodiment in relation to cultural context, knowledge, and experience. The concept of a disenchantment of culture is connected to the function of art in relation to the rise of modernity and rationalism in the Western world, a state whereby all activities and experiences can be rationally explained. Cultural commentators on Bali provide accounts of the ways in which Bali has been packaged as a tourist culture that sustains a strong sense of enchantment, as well as embracing modernity.