This chapter offers questions and a methodology for using a Chicana/Latina feminist analysis for examining texts. It describes the developement of methodology for examining embodiment through a Chicana/Latina feminist lens to disrupt hegemonic category analysis. For the educational researcher, the inclusion of the body holds the beginning of charting new territories in epistemic approaches, where one can begin to develop strategies to rethink of work in education to reflect the multiplicities of language and history in less partial and less distorted ways. Embodied Testimonios plays a critical role in the movement toward political liberation in Latin America and as part of the Latino/ diaspora to the United States. Analyzing and making bodies visible for Latina feminist writers is an important tool and cultural site to examine gender politics. Through the analysis, one can see the multiple and complex ways the body is written about within a narrative of oppression, adding literary richness but more so adding layers of critical awareness.