The stability of the structure during deployment has been one of the key issues of study. Large-size projects containing a considerable number of bars and hinges, subjected to long-term use, needed special study to ensure a proper and safe behaviour of the structure. Subsequent researchers led ambitious investigations into structural and loading aspects affecting these types of mechanisms. Felix Escrig (1996) and Juan Perez Valcarcel (Candela et al., 1993) developed innovative methods to solve problems of angular instability presented in large-scale structures with deployable meshes of scissors. Theodore Zeigler (1997) focused his investigations on the restrictions of movement existing during the process of deployment of spherical domes. Using additional members he attempted to avoid the self-locking phenomenon in the deployable assemblages. Charis Gantes (2000) detected incompatibilities between the members of certain scissor chains that produce locking in the structures and consequent stress. Subsequently, he formulated a theoretical method for obtaining geometric constraints for deployable units, maintaining the desired features of deployability and stress-free conditions.