Zhenzhong Si was fortunate to have conducted most of his fieldwork with his supervisor, Dr. Steffanie Scott, and her then doctoral student, Dr. Theresa Schumilas. On their way to farms and meetings, they had extensive discussions about the interviewees and cases they visited. One interesting observation from Zhenzhong Si fieldwork is that the diverse "nature" of the growers of ecological food in China bestows different attitudes and perceptions on them — about life, health, and the future. They also met millionaires who were successful businessmen with extensive networks and abundant capital. A small number of ecological farmers they met in China were millionaires or billionaires. They were too rich to run their farms as businesses. Theresa Schumilas reads Farmers of Forty Centuries for the first time in 1978 when he was trying to figure out how his might get back to the land and make a living on four acres.