This chapter explores students' views of service-learning, specifically in online technical communication classes, and see if their attitudes change as they work through the semester and the service-learning projects. It addresses the questions and concerns in the discussion threads and the service-learning information sheet. The implantation of service-learning pedagogy in an online class is often called service eLearning, a term first adopted by Strait and Sauer. While the research on service eLearning in technical writing courses is still fairly limited, especially in online technical communication classes, it is beginning to emerge. English 2010 Technical Communication at the University of North Georgia is a service course that introduces students to the basic elements of technical and professional communication including organization, style, and mechanics. The chapter analyzes the content of each journal entry to determine if the student had a positive, neutral, or negative view of service-learning. Incorporating service-learning pedagogy in online technical communication classes proved successful.