I am an elderly jock. I'm 60 years old, and I play tennis and volleyball regularly and avidly. Occasionally, I play paddleball, and when I do, it is with similar enthusiasm. I look forward eagerly to Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings, which are my regular playing times for tennis and volleyball. As a matter of fact, Tuesdays are generally made pleasant by the anticipation of the evening, and I'm so eager that I usually have prepared my gym bag well in advance of leaving home for the gym. I feel like a kid sometimes; I will play whenever I have the chance. If for some reason I am unable to play when scheduled, I am quite disappointed. I do not take missing my scheduled athletic times lightly, and even when I am away on a pleasant vacation with my wife, I experience occasional twinges at missing my regular games. My tennis racquet accompanies me on vacations so that I can play if I am fortunate enough to encounter the possibility.