In today’s dynamic business world, it is no longer sufficient to have knowledgeable individual workers (Chinowsky & Carrillo, 2007). Rather, individual learning and knowledge should be scaled up to the organisational level and aligned with the organisational learning processes (Kaschig, Maier, Sandow, Brown, Ley, Magenheim et al., 2012). Organisational learning can be defined as a process through which an organisation constructs new knowledge or reconstructs existing knowledge for its value creation activities (Huysman, 2000). On the individual level, organisational learning is often collaborative and self-regulated (Siadaty, Gašević, Jovanović, Pata, Milikić, Holocher-Ertl et al., 2012) or self-directed (Lindstaedt, De Hoog & Aehnelt, 2009), requiring an alignment of individual learning goals with learning activities and goals of the organisation (Ley, Ulbrich, Scheir, Lindstaedt, Kump & Albert, 2008; Pata & Laanpere, 2008).