The aim of this chapter is to analyze the metamorphosis that the Spanish indoor football club Inter Movistar Futsal, one of the most distinguished clubs in the world, has undergone over the last four decades in relation to the implementation of marketing and communication strategies with a marked corporate social responsibility (CSR) focus and to the launching of the Movistar Megacracks Roadshow as an excellent example of a marketing action imbedded with commitment to society. Despite its incredible record of trophies, media and social presence of the club was very low. There were only occasional mentions in the number one Spanish sports newspaper Marca after achieving each of their sports successes, but there was no regular communication. The club had to be brought into the limelight, as did the sport as a whole – indoor football. All kinds of marketing and communication activities had to be set in motion. One of the core strategies developed by the club to reinvent their marketing and communication model as part of their CSR approach has been the launching of the Megacracks Roadshow in 2008.