Few family studies have investigated the subjective rewards that adolescents experience at home, which may build toward positive developmental outcomes. This despite the fact that extensive research into “optimal experiences” (interest, flow, intrinsic motivation, peak experiences) suggest they are among the most important influences on growth, such as the full utilization of potential, and the achievement of a sense of self-determination and creativity (Amabile, 1983; Csikszentmihalyi & Csikszentmihalyi, 1988; deCharms, 1976; Deci & Ryan, 1985; Dewey, 1913; Groos, 1898; Harter, 1978; Maslow, 1968; White, 1959). Identifying which factors enhance momentary experience may stimulate new ideas on how to improve adolescent life, and therefore aid the structuring of enjoyable and effective developmental contexts. Toward this end, this chapter focuses on one dimension essential for healthy families—the experience of happiness.