In 2003, a band called O-Zone had a runaway pop hit, a single titled “Dragostea Din Tei” that hit number one that summer on the European music charts. The trio, from Moldavia, also released a video, which, in a scene reminiscent of popular renditions of Beatlemania, begins with three young men running to a plane. They are wearing tight white pants and colorful open shirts. The lead singer has suspenders hanging down and his shirt is open to the waist. The cabin door closes, and as the plane takes off, the single’s Europop dance beat pounds out in simple 4/4 time. The following shots focus on the men clowning around in the cockpit, dancing on the wings of the place, and dancing around a hotel room. These shots are interspersed with sudden inexplicable anime style stills of the band. In other words, the video is eminently forgettable. The song, however, did not fade into one hit wonder obscurity. Something else happened.