Isolated, shocked, uncertain, hopeless. These are some of the words that attempt to describe what Linda James was feeling when her life took a drastic turn in 1987, when she was just 40 years old. Linda shares her story with as much passion as she has when she cares for her beloved grandchildren:

My story, like those of so many grandparents who are raising their grandchildren, began many years ago. In 1987, when my granddaughter was born, she weighed 1 lb. 4 oz. at birth. She was born in a drug house and later transported to Children’s Hospital in Washington, D.C. I was notified by the hospital that my granddaughter needed surgery and that the hospital couldn’t find her mother. I gave consent for the surgery and asked the hospital to stay in contact with me because I would take responsibility for my granddaughter when it was time for her to be released. I knew that my daughter would not

be located because she was back on the streets. When the hospital notified me that she could be released, I had to find a way to bring her here to Rochester. She was hooked-up with a heart monitor and breathing machine that would require a private plane with a medical staff. After many attempts to find an agency to help me, a local radio station (WVOR) arranged a flight to Washington, D.C. for me and also helped to arrange a Mercy flight from Washington to Rochester with a nurse aboard.