The Year 5 children erupted into the room with its strange machines and people. Fitness testing! Eyes alighted on scales, lung capacity tester [Vitalograph], exercise bikes, benches, and before teachers organized queues, the boys were blowing, poking, questioning, pushing. The girls tended to huddle, apprehensive, eyeing each other … Perhaps one was viewing them through pre-programmed eyes but most of the boys seemed boisterously competitive, while the girls were more hesitant, even anxious, with some reluctance to try hard … In no other test were the differences more noticeable that in the simple weighing of the children. The boys seemed either indifferent, with the odd self-conscious body-hugging from both the skinny and the really chubby, while most easily bounced on and sent the machine’s arm swinging. The girls moved up in tight groups, and while one stepped on, the others gathered to read the result even before the tester.