Channel One, with its economic and ideological agendas and its continuing acceptance, is a powerful example of the effects of the conservative restoration. Ye t in some ways, because it is such an overt attempt at transforming schools into sites for the generation of profit, we may miss equally significant effects if we focus only on such overt programs and policies. To see this, we need to go inside some classrooms where the changing politics of official knowledge has had a significant impact on the lives of students and especially teachers because of other aspects of the rightist reconstruction. These aspects are concerned with creating the conditions for linking schools to the paid labor needs of our economy. In this instance, class and gender relations will play a very significant part, with racial dynamics being present by virtue of their absence because of economic and residential segregation in housing patterns in the United States. (The absence of people of color, thus, often is just as important as their presence in a racially structured society, such as this.)