The use of various e-learning modes has increased considerably in foreign language and communication courses in higher education in recent years. In this chapter we use the term “e-learning” as an umbrella term for various ways of using computers and the Internet for learning (cf. Littlejohn & Pegler, 2007); consequently, the terms e-learner, e-teacher, and e-tutor are used. The two e-learning modes that this chapter is mainly based on are those of blended learning and online learning. We use the term e-teacher in connection with blended learning and the term e-tutor when reference is made to online courses. By blended learning we mean courses that use a mix of approaches ranging from classroom teaching to a variety of uses of technology, whereas by online courses we refer to courses that take place exclusively online, whether the students attending the course live at a distance or are campus-based. Even our online courses, however, include one mandatory kickoff session in class at the start of the course.