There has been great interest worldwide in autonomous learning and in the use of electronic portfolios (henceforth, e-portfolios) in different learning areas such as fi nance, strategic management and marketing, politics and government, fi ne arts, and education. Learning how to learn and learning how to learn autonomously and have the ability to refl ect on previous learning and demonstrate such learning in the form of tangible work are these days very important skills in general, and in teacher education in particular, and should be part of the main goals in teacher education. However, this is an area that has undoubtedly lagged behind other skills such as reading and writing and that needs to be systematically included as an integral part of learning. Substantial research needs to take place in order to fi nd out the success of such practice. This chapter describes the integration of e-portfolios as a tool for refl ective and autonomous learning in a teacher education course, and more specifi cally in a Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) course in a private university in Cyprus, part of a BA in an English Language and Literature undergraduate degree. It establishes, through students’ refl ections, how effective such integration has been.