What is clear from this list is that, besides Israel’s iconic Astral Projection, all the artists are from Britain. Although you may expect a privileging of UK acts on a UK web site, it is fair to argue that the centre ground of old-school psychedelic trance is predominantly held by the British. The enthusiasm for revisiting the early years is not just limited to chat rooms. In late 2007, UK psytrance label, Twisted, hosted a party at south London’s Renaissance Rooms which featured an “old school Goa room”, where two of the three original members of the key early-1990s UK live act, The Green Nuns of the Revolution,3 went through their back catalogue featuring numbers like “Megallenic Cloud”’ and “Confl ict”. We might be reminded here

not only of the circularity of electronic dance music forms, but also of the coherence of psychedelic-now psytrance-music culture.