This chapter explores, how Rio de Janeiro was showcased, imagined, and spectacularized for the International Exhibit of the Centenary of Brazil's Independence in 1922 and how it is currently being branded by the remaking of its motto as 'The Marvelous City' for the upcoming 2016 Olympics mega event. It argues that both events were catalysts that generated imaginaries about the 'ideal city', 'desired modernities' and the aesthetics of the spectacle. The chapter focuses on the Olympics as a catalyst that conditions re-inventions of the city. It emphasizes the importance of four main areas of urban investment: urban renewal, cultural circuits, public security, and public transportation. The remodeling of the port of Rio in a project called 'Porto Maravilha', envisions not only the demolition of an elevated high speed avenue that blocks the view of historical buildings, but also the construction of new museums, office spaces, and residential buildings in the port area.