Numerous authors (e.g., Loganbill, Hardy, & Delworth, 1982; Skovholt & Ronnestad, 1992) have delineated models of supervision. Some of these models are extensions or adaptations of psychotherapy models (e.g., psychodynamic model of supervision, behavioral model of supervision; see Chapter 7) while others were developed specically for the supervision context. Models developed expressly for the supervision context can be further categorized into integrative models (e.g., discrimination model, interpersonal process recall; see Chapter 5) and developmental models. Developmental models focusing on multicultural supervision, multicultural counseling competencies, and advocacy competencies also have been developed (see Chapter 3). It is outside the scope of this chapter to discuss and review all developmental models. e purpose of this chapter is to provide a brief overview of the supervision developmental models with specic attention given to the integrated development model (IDM; Stoltenberg, McNeill, & Delworth, 1998).