So far, I have shown how race and class analysis could be used together to generate insights on the nature of social oppression and liberatory interventions. In doing so, I have not explained the precise and intimate relationship between the two frameworks. In educational theory, orthodox Marxism is known for its commitment to objectivism, or the science of history. On the other hand, race analysis has been developed in its ability to explain the subjective dimension of racial oppression. The two theories are often at odds with each other. This chapter is an attempt to create a theory by integrating Marxist objectivism and race theory’s focus on subjectivity. This suggests neither that Marxism neglects the formation of subjectivity nor that race theory ignores material relations. It is a matter of emphasis and the historical development of each discourse. In attempting to integrate them, intellectuals recognize their frequent appearance on the historical stage together. As a result, both Marxism and race analysis are strengthened in a way that maintains the integrity of each discourse. This benefits educational theory because praxis is the dialectical attempt to synthesize the inner and external processes of schooling.