It is oft en said that our youth is this nation’s future. If true, then there is too much mental illness to look forward to in the future. Depression is common in youth-about 10% will experience major depression before the age of 14 (Garrison, Schluchter, Schoenbach, & Kaplan, 1989) . Between 10% and 20% of young people will have had some form of an anxiety or mood disorder, or some form of a disruptive or substance use disorder by the age of 18 (Lewinsohn, Hops, Roberts, & Seeley, 1993; Shaff er et al., 1996). Adolescence is a critical period of development. Developmental success during this period has implications throughout adulthood. As such, there is keen interest in the mental health status of this important subpopulation in the United States, because poor mental health can impede academic and social success during adolescence.