Increased demand of e-resources by patrons and the need for management tools to manage these electronic collections by librarians have spurred many libraries to adjust their collections and acquisitions strategies. This chapter gives an outline of the context in which electronic library collections are evolving and the implications of concomitant changes for collections and acquisitions functions. Each case study includes the background which led the case libraries to embark on a new model for serials collecting and purchasing. Processes and criteria used by each case library are described so that readers can apply some of these methods to work through their own initiatives for building robust electronic collections. Consequent impacts on budgeting, long-term planning, staffing, and workflows are also reviewed as lessons learned for the benefit of other libraries considering experimenting with pay-per-view serials access or converting serials collections to electronic-only format. Evaluation tools and benchmarks used by the case libraries provide valuable understanding of the impact of alternative purchasing models and better prepare librarians for undertaking similar efforts.