Menu: Bhaat (Cooked Rice), Palungo ra Kagatiko Dal (Spinach-Lemon Lentils), Rajma ra Tofu (Kidney Beans and Tofu), Saag (Cooked Greens), Kukhurako Maasuko Jhol (Chicken Curry), Aluko Achaar (Spiced Potato Salad), Golbedhako Achaar (Tomato Chutney), and Dahi ra Phalphul (Yogurt and Fruit Dessert). Serve with water, beer, or other alcohol. Preparation Time: 2 to 3 hours. Cooking Process: e yogurt and fruit dessert can be assembled the day before and refrigerated, adding oranges when ready to serve. If using dried kidney beans, begin soaking the night before. On the day of the meal, rst prepare vegetables and set aside until needed. To save time, commercially packaged ginger and garlic paste can be used. It is available at Indian grocery stores and can sometimes be found at other supermarkets. Boil potatoes for potato salad, and begin cooking dal. While the dal is cooking, sauté tofu and set aside. Make the rajma ra tofu up until the step before tofu is added; while it is cooking, sauté the remaining dal ingredients. Finish dal and set aside; same for rajma ra tofu. ese recipes taste better if they sit for a little while before being served, and can be kept in a warm oven. Make the potato salad and set aside at room temperature. Put the rice on to cook, and prepare the chicken curry. While these are cooking, prepare greens (saag). Finally, at the last minute, prepare tomato chutney, which should taste as fresh as possible. Note: everything is vegan except the chicken and the yogurt dessert; omitting the chicken still leaves you with a bountiful feast, and the yogurt dessert can be made with cultured soy (but I would suggest using vanilla yogurt instead of plain). Nepalis also make and use soy milk. Serves six people.