The clinical objective of this chapter entails a review of the evidence-based literature for each atypical antipsychotic in the areas of very early schizophrenia, early schizophrenia (VEOS-EOS), and schizoaffective disorders, other psychotic disorders (OPD), mania/bipolar disorders, autism/pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), disruptive behaviors (DD), Tourette's disorder (TD), and other conditions (aggressive behaviors, and others), specifically for children and adolescents. Each medication will have a summary table indicating the highest available scientific evidence for the category of these disorders in children and adolescents. Each medication review begins with a summary of its clinical experience followed by the evidence-based summaries of each medication; each review ends with a table of suggested doses for preschoolers, preadolescents, and adolescents. The suggested doses are tentative and preliminary.