The phrase in the chapter comes from a now lost inscription, a fragment of which was found by Schliemann’s excavation on the citadel at Ilion. Two other fragments were found at Çiplak, a town two kilometers from Ilion with many stones reused from the site (Cook 1973, 106). Together the three fragments record an agreement between Ilion and Scamandreia, possibly to be dated ca. 100 BC (Frisch 1975, no. 63). The stele was to be erected, as the phrase in our title makes clear, “in the sanctuary of the Samothracian Gods.” This inscription has played a key role in the proposal that there was such a sanctuary at Ilion (Cole 1984, 65, n.527; Cohen 1996, 202; Rose 1998, 87; cf. Robert and Robert 1964, 189-190).