Children’s group therapy has had a long history within the inpatient, psychiatric setting (Lomonaco, Scheidlinger, & Aronson, 2000) where groups are an inherent part of the milieu treatment environment. Despite this history, there are relatively few clinical writings on inpatient group work with children. Within the field of drama therapy, several authors have addressed the use of groups with an acute, adult population (Emunah, 1983; Forrester & Johnson, 1996; Mitchell, 1987; Reif, 1981; Sheppard, Olson, Croke, Lafave, & Gerber, 1990; Winn, 1996), but there is scant literature that specifically examines the use of drama therapy as a group treatment modality in child inpatient psychiatry (see Carlson-Sabelli, 1998; Trafford & Perks, 1987).