For all of us, in times of overwhelming trouble and confusion, the landscape of the mind is a tangled place. Emotions, half-formed thoughts, disturbing memories collide, jostle to the surface, then take a dive before language can sift through them, label them, and file them in neat, explainable categories. So, we are left with the confusion locked inside ourselves, out of reach of our own understanding, and impossible to communicate to others. If this can be true for adults, then it is even more so for children. For, they have not yet mastered the art of analyzing and rationalizing their life experiences. And even when they can articulate their inner turmoil, what adults can be trusted with their words? For adults, they know, have undue power at times. Only a few can be allowed entry to private, secret places. And as for those confused, troubled areas of the mind, those places where words will not come . . . well, who can be trusted to walk with care there?