Through the perspective of Literary, Cultural, Fantastic and Locative Media Studies, the chapter will investigate how space, walking, writing, and the fantastic can meet and influence each other, and how psychogeography and literary geography can contribute to re-write and to re-read the city of London. A series of steps and of words can build (new or renew) entire worlds. The narrator is a surveyor of spaces, a rhapsode who sews spaces into a new unity, a bard who ultimately ‘invents’ the world so surveyed and stitched together; and narrative is a form of world-making. When a walker and/or a narrator maps his/her own steps, he/she explores and reports on psychogeograhical phenomena using the forms/codes of narration which are the more appropriate to his/her own sensibility and ability. He/she perceives the city as a site of mistery, seeking to reveal the true nature that lies beneath the flux of everyday life. This chapter will analyse how imaginative reworking of the city, revealing unexpected insights and experiencing new ways of perceiving familiar surroundings, can represent the ultimate key to the fantastic.