A major representational issue in deep mapping is how to balance the phenomenological poetry of a sense or personality of place with the positivistic grids of Euclidian and cartographic space. Tensions between these “subjective” and “objective” perspectives have raised representational issues in the arts, humanities and sciences for centuries. In the Republic of Ireland, known as the Silicon Valley of Europe, annual observations of the Easter 1916 Rising, and celebration of Bloomsday the date in 1904 on which James Joyce set his novel Ulysses are celebrated by postings on Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms. Inaugurated on June 16, 1954 by Irish writers Patrick Kavanagh, Flann O’Brien, and Anthony Cronin, the first official Bloomsday celebration of Joyce’s Ulysses resulted in an ill-fated attempt to recreate Stephen Dedalus’s journey across Dublin in a horse-drawn carriage.