The chapter offers an overview of some of the protests that have arisen in Latin America out of the American and international #MeToo movement. Most importantly, it analyses how #MeToo links to the #NiUnaMenos movement which has become central to women’s and feminist movements in all Latin American countries. The author focuses on the Mexican context, but also draws upon the experiences of several other Latin American countries in order to examine the evolution of the #MeToo and #NiUnaMenos movements from late 2017 to early 2020. The chapter argues that the #MeToo and #NiUnaMenos movements are intertwined in a shared process that enormously increases awareness and mobilisation around the problem of gender-based violence. The progress and challenges of these movements is analysed, taking into account the backlash to the movements seen in the increase of violence in Mexico and the aggressive reactions of some men’s groups deeply rooted in the “machista” structures in Latin America.