Developments in recent years have revealed that the world is facing a global terrorism challenge which has become a major security issue for most countries around the world. This is because the issue of global terrorism dominates every single country regardless of locality and size. In most cases the main proponent which exacerbates the menace of terrorism is ideology. Currently, concerns have been raised as to how to deal with this obnoxious problem known as terrorism. These phenomena are detrimental to social harmony and threaten the whole world. The most effective remedy for curbing the menace of terrorism is the activation of a deradicalization programme for as long as the radical ideology continues to exist in this world. Deradicalization requires long-term efforts by various departments of government as well as from private agencies. Strategically, deradicalization initiatives consist of community engagements to prevent extremists from nurturing terrorism-related ideas. Therefore, the deradicalization programme is an effort to help build social resilience rehabilitation and reintegration programmes to deradicalise terrorists and extremists